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#Pebbles, #Boulder, everything for #rockery, #fountain, a large selection of all items are available at Green Mall
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#Pergola aluminum. This durable aluminum pergola is an excellent item for your garden & Rooftop at Green Mall
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Green Your Surroundings is a very useful book for home gardening. It gives easy to understand and easy to follow handbook especially for those living in apartments. Price ₹375. Available at Green Mall on a special discount for ₹300 only. Excellent idea to present to your friends... Before that get a copy for yourself
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#seedlings of #Schizolobium parahyba (Brazilian fern tree) are available @ ₹500 each. Schizolobium parahyba (Brazilian fern tree) is a beautiful deciduous tree and it grows 7 to 10 feet every year. An amazing tree for landscape development.
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Decorative Indoor Water Fountain This fountain is light weight and sturdy yet very simple. Just fill few litres of water and connect to a regular electric socket and enjoy the sight and sound of flowing water. You do not need any inlet outlet or pipeline for water.