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indoor fountain dealer We are a proud dealer of Indoor Fountains for our highly esteemed clients. It is ready to install and require low maintenance because only finest of material is made in making this fountain at our unit in accordance with the prevailing market demands. 5 litres of water is required for its functioning by plugging into a socket. Light and sound of flowing water helps in making the environment and ambiance soothing. Indoor Fountain helps in adding an instant beauty to your home.
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outdoor fountain Apart from enhancing the d├ęcor of your garden, outdoor fountain create a soothing atmosphere with sound of flowing water. Just fill few litres of water and connect to a regular electric socket and enjoy the sight and sound of flowing water.
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indoor fountain for home This fountain is light weight and sturdy yet very simple. You do not need any inlet outlet or pipeline for water. hese fountains can be placed on any table top and are ideal for home + office.
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pots for indoor plants This is a reliable planter that is both durable and lightweight. It is easy to clean and relocate, the Genie planter easily adapts to any space, decor and renovation. It is unbreakable, it is both long lasting and childproof.
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square planter pots Premium quality plastic pot, made from high grades of plastic polymer and UV stabilizers. This pot is very durable for both Indoor & Outdoor place.